Ricucci Endo Day
Ricucci Endo Day in Tallinn
Tallinn, Estonia
November 12, 2022
Ricucci Endo Day in Tallinn
Tallinn, Estonia
November 12, 2022
Biological aspects in prevention and treatment of pulp and periapical disease
We are delighted to annouce a major International in-person event by one of the most famous endodontists in the world Dr. Domenico Ricucci from Italy presenting for the very first time in the Baltics. The event will take place in Tallinn, Estonia on November 12, 2022.
Dr. Domenico Ricucci
Tallinn, Estonia. November 12, 2022.
Dr. Domenico Ricucci received his degree in General Medicine from "La Sapienza" University of Rome in 1982, and his DDS from the same University in 1985. Since then on he has maintained private dental practices limited to endodontics. In addition to his private practice, Dr. Ricucci was Professor of Cariology at "Magna Graecia" University of Catanzaro, Italy in 2002 -2003. He served in the Research Committee of the European Society of Endodontology from 1999 to 2005. Dr. Ricucci's primary research interest relates to pulpal and periapical tissue reactions to caries and treatment procedures, vital pulp therapy (VPT), biofilms in endodontic infections, etiology of RTC treatment failure, pulp regeneration/revascularization. Since 1998 he has run his own histology laboratory and has developed considerable skills in hard tissue preparations for light microscopy. Dr Ricucci has published more than 100 papers and has lectured both nationally and internationally. He has authored the Textbook and Atlas "Endodontology. An integrated biological and clinical view". He has also authored or co-authored sixteen book chapters.
Vital pulp therapy: pulp vitality in deep caries lesions
Tallinn, Estonia. November 12, 2022.
  • Tissue response to shallow, medium and deep caries.
  • Diagnostic tools in the diagnosis of reversible/irreversible pulpitis. Correlation between clinical and histologic pulp diagnoses.
  • Controversies about the depth of caries excavation. Selective vs non-selective caries excavation.
  • Indirect pulp therapy. Why the concept is biologically wrong.
  • Direct pulp capping.
  • Partial and full pulpotomy as an alternative to root canal treatment.
  • Old and new biomaterials. Comparison between Calcium hydroxide, MTA compounds and Ca-silicate cements.
Endodontic infections: impact on the treatment outcome
Tallinn, Estonia. November 12, 2022.
  • Patterns of microbial colonization of the root canal system.
  • Periapical lesion formation.
  • Apical limit of root canal instrumentation and obturation. The controversial issue of apical "patency".
  • Lateral canals: the never-ending story.
  • Limitations in achieving a sterile root canal system with chemo-mechanical instrumentation. Do the "new technologies" work
  • Success and failure in endodontics. An overview.
Venue: Swissotel Tallinn
Tornimae Street 3, 10145 Tallinn, Estonia
The "Ricucci Endo Day" International meeting will be held in the main congress hall of the luxury business hotel in Tallinn - Swissotel.

Step into a world of ease, luxury and Swiss hospitality at Swissotel Tallinn, the tallest building in the city, boasting impressive views of the old town and the Baltic Sea. Tallinn's International Airport is only 15 minutes away, while the beautifully restored medieval old town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with distinctive cobblestone streets, is only a 10-minute walk from the hotel.
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Schedule of the meeting
November 12, 2022. Tallinn, Estonia.
09:30 – 13:00
09:30 – 13:00
Part 1
The latest update in the "Vital pulp therapy": when and how pulp vitality can be maintained in deep caries lesions.
14:00 – 17:00
14:00 – 17:00
Part 2
"Endodontic infections: their localization, morphology, and impact on the treatment outcome."
17:00 - 18:00
17:00 - 18:00
Q&A session
Q&A session and closing of the meeting
Partners and exhibitors
November 12, 2022. Tallinn, Estonia.
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